Culture Evolution

Culture Evolution

Culture has a large part in achieving your Business Strategy. And leadership has a large part in building out a healthy culture. I work with leaders to transform the way teams think and act to get things done. I also ensure that before and during an agile transformation that leaders say, behave and operate the corporate and agile values.

5 Scrum Values

During an agile transformation, leaders, change agents, and teams need to adopt 5 values that will enable and empower teams to thrive and a new more bold and innovative culture to take root.

Leaders and change agents play a significant part in ensuring the organization and teams are making a healthy cultural shift. The role of the leader and change agent is redefined in an agile organization needing a flatter, more team-oriented culture and structure. Leaders and change agents must not only “say” the agile values, but they must change the way they “behave” and “operate”. See Gartner – Lead Culture Change Article.

As an agile coach I not only teach how to manage programs and projects in a more agile way but I initially focus on coaching leaders, change agents and teams on these 5 values and agile best practices.

Without these 5 values being present in your culture, leaders, change agents, and teams will become stuck and will not be able to perform and have successful outcomes.

I hold workshops at the beginning of your agile transformation to discuss these values and ensure that leaders and change agents are not only saying these values, but they are demonstrating them through behaviors that the team can witness and then adopt. I encourage leaders and teams to revisit these values throughout their agile journey.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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