Lean-Agile Transformation

Lean-Agile Transformation

Moving from waterfall to a new agile world can be intimidating. As a coach I work together with you to help you look at challenges in a different way. I help teams define how they want to work together using agile values, principles and best practices.

Where are you on your Agile Journey?

As your leaders, change agents and teams journey along in their Agile Transformation, they’ll need to journey through 5 Agile Transformational Levels which I find are common to all organizations to be successful.

5 Agile Transformational Levels

The goal here is not to speed through each Agile Transformational Level, but to build upon the level before it and build a strong foundation for a more innovative, happier and customer-centric organizational culture that can adapt to change faster, collaborate better together and deliver products your customers value and love.

Inside-Out: A Winning Approach

Approaches to Agile Transformation

Most organizations’ approach to agile transformations advocates for a incremental rollout of agile methods, processes & tools into the broader organization by scaling agile pilots. This is an Outside-In approach that rarely succeeds because it ignores the necessity for a mindset shift and does not address/ resolve structural barriers.

As an Agile Coach, I prefer to work Inside-Out, addressing the mindset shift first of the leaders and change agents and then work through identifying value streams and tackling the structural barriers. Successfully scaling of agile requires a deeper, DNA-level change that starts with culture. The current waterfall development approach, although successful, impedes the autonomy of agile development teams and reduces the focus of the content leader (product owner), who should focus on evolving the product or service into something a customer will value. The right solution then is to implement a clear organizational separation of content responsibility (product ownership) and people management responsibility.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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