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Here’s what fellow Agile Explorers are saying about my leadership and coaching.

HERE Technologies/ United Airlines

I’ve worked with Linda Marie at HERE Technologies and United Airlines and have known her now for over 10 years. She is a truly remarkable Agile Coach. She knows how to read a room, adjust approaches on the fly, and is a master at giving everyone a voice. Her ability to break down complex solutions into manageable bodies of work is second to no one. She is detail-oriented, seeks out the value of initiatives, and makes work fun! I would welcome the opportunity to work with Linda Marie again.

Deborah Lee, Strategy Programs Senior Program Manager, HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

I hope my professional path will one day again cross Linda Marie’s. She is exceptional in bringing a positive and constructive attitude to any team. Her ability to visualise and organize work for people who come together from different teams and functions is above the normal even for experienced agile coaches. Several times I found myself leaning on her knowledge and experience in together facilitating planning across hundreds of engineers across the planet.

Jukka Talvio, Director, Ways of Working and Agile Enablement, HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

Linda Marie has tremendously contributed to the growth in agile of 2 of my direct reports and a division wide initiative meant to find improved planning solutions. She also demonstrated high emotional intelligence, helping the initiative teams to remove impediments, and stay focus on the incremental solution deliverables. I would recommend Linda Marie to help set the pace and coach agility in dispersed and cross functional groups.

Linda Francois, Global Business Planning Lead, HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

I have worked with Linda Marie for 4 years at Here Technologies. In that time, Linda Marie proved to be an excellent Agile coach and teacher. Linda Marie teaches through guided discovery and provides thoughtful insights in the areas of Agile and creative use of Agile ceremonies, leadership, and personal development. I greatly appreciate the time working together and her wisdom.

Kathy Morey, Principal Technical Product Manager, Data Extraction Subsystem, HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

I met Linda Marie during my journey to improve myself and grow as a Scrum Master. Without any hesitation she took me under her wings and start involving me in some of her innovative projects for enterprise agility she was working at the time. We also became partners in the same team of teams initiative for big scale planning as I was team coach for one of the teams and she was supporting to align all the teams, all leaders and product owners as well as mentoring the team coaches and product owners individually.

I can truthfully say now, after several months of collaboration with Linda Marie, that she is an exceptional person. She is always kind and supportive, she knows how to treat failure and empower her team-mates, she has a lot of patience and extended knowledge that she is always keen to share. Additionally, she was able to support leaders with mindset switch and help them to transform from traditional managers into servant leaders.

Linda Marie is able to support a organizational transformation with patience and innovative ideas. She is always observative and a great listener and she has a rare talent in problem solving. She is adaptable to change. Great organizational and planning skills which she can use to respond to a fast-pace changing environment to promote psychological safety and deliver incremental value to the customers.

Apostolos Zardalidis, GIS Data Engineer & Scrum Master, HERE Technologies

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