Technology Business Management (TBM)

In the Agile World, Technology Business Management gives technology leaders and their business partners the ability to align business and IT strategies to drive value and reduce cost. Todays leaders expect the IT function to create new value that has impactful outcomes for both the business and the customer through direct and collaborative engagement. I help leaders develop a more responsive delivery approach that drives value and innovation in IT and also supports strategic objectives of the business.

Technology Business Management (TBM)

TBM is a value management framework created by the TBM Council that is designed to help IT leaders gain deeper insight into IT spending, budgets and resources. As strategic plans are laid out, organizations using TBM want to align IT pactices and priorities with business goals to ensure strategic aligment.

I work with Senior Leaders, Portfolio Managers, Business Planners, Product Managers, and Program Managers to shift their organization from a project to product mindset helping them to create their TBM Taxonomy and Playbook.

IT can deliver more value by combining TBM and SAFe®

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is the world’s leading framework for enterprise agility – it enables organizations to respond rapidly to changing business models, markets, and technology. TBM’s goal is to improve the collaboration between business and IT, specifically when making decisions about technology investments. By combining both TBM and SAFe®, organizations can align and have the value-centric conversations needed to ensure strategic alignment across the organization.

TBM shifts the cost-centric conversations to more collaborative value-centric conversations that focus on producing more value and achieving better business outcomes.

TBM Value Conversations

TBM offers four value conversations that help foster a true partnership between business and IT. These conversations focus on the trade-offs between cost, consumption, performance, features, benefits, capacity and risks in the pursuit of better business outcomes.

SAFe® provides a strong framework around lean portfolio management that enables business and IT to speak the same language and empowers product managers with accountability for both the run-the-business and change-the-business spending on their products.

The three core elements of Lean Portfolio Management in SAFe®

SAFe® also demonstrates how to put the four TBM disciplines into action:

  • Create Transparency
  • Shape Business Demand
  • Deliver value for Money
  • Plan and Govern

Furthermore, SAFe® fully supports TBM’s four value conversations, especially in innovation and enterprise agility, which are areas of the Scaled Agile Framework®‘s greatest strength.

Applying TBM with SAFe® provides a powerful combination to enable IT to deliver more value with more transparency, and to achieve greater business agility and partnership with the business. Together, these frameworks help IT shift run-the-business spending to change-the-business investment, which results in faster and better business value, aligned with the strategy and goals of the enterprise.

I coach portfolio managers, product managers and program managers to adopt SAFe®‘s organizational approach using lean portfolio management. SAFe®‘s lean portfolio management supports the main tenants of TBM and enables movement from managing projects to managing value that provides tangible business outcomes.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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