Measure and Grow

Inspect & Adapt Metrics/ Measure & Grow Workshops

As an AgilityHealth® Facilitator, I can help leaders and teams measure their team health & maturity, delivery & performance, and business outcomes by facilitating effective Measure & Grow workshops using AgilityHealth® Radars. I focus on all areas of your organization.

Measure & Grow Workshops

Measurement should be to enable growth – not for reward, judgement or punishment.

During a Measure & Grow workshop, I provide the safe space for leaders, change agents, and teams to measure their growth. By using the AglityHealth® Radar Measurement Platform, I am able to survey leaders, change agents, and teams and provide a way to visually see progress,

Measure What Matters – Accelerate Your Enterprise Business Agility Journey

The Enterprise Business Agility Model

Enterprise Agility Strategy Model

Business Agility is a journey that requires a parallel investment in several organizational areas.

AgilityHealth® makes measuring your organizational agility, leaders, change agents and teams simple. The Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Model that helps guide your Agile Transformation. The Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Model helps you build out the Agile Transformation roadmap regardless of the Agile Framework(s) you choose.

The AgilityHealth® Radars measure growth in 8 key areas of investment:

  • Customer Seat at the Table
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Organtizational Structure & Design
  • Agile Framework & Mindset
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Make It Stick/ Sustain Transformation
  • Technical Agility
  • Enterprise Agility Metrics

During an Agile Transformation, the AgilityHealth® Enterprise Agility Radar can help Agile Coaching Teams and Centers of Excellence build out their continuous improvement backlog and sense when the organization begins to grow or struggle.

Business Agility Transformation

As a certified coach on coachng agile transitions and business agility foundations, I utilize the AgilityHealth® measurement platform to steer the agile transformation and develop a common way to not only measure agility but also how to talk about business agility.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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