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Business Chemistry®/ Together is Better® Workshops

I help leaders and teams raise their level of performance, improve engagement and become a more effective leader and team using the Business Chemistry® framework in my Together is Better® Workshop.

Business Chemistry® – The Art of Business Relationships

By using science to improve the art of business relationships, Deloitte. has developed a way to determine a person’s working style. Business Chemistry® can help you grasp where others are coming from, appreciate the value they bring, and determiee what they need in order to excel. It is used by hunderds of thousands of professionals around the world to build stronger relationships, increase team performace, and create exceptional organizations.

Together is Better® Workshop

As an Agile Coach, I help leaders, change agents, and teams understand their business chemistry type during my Together is Better® Workshop. This workshop has helped leaders and teams work better together and achieve higher levels of performance. It also helps leaders see where their teams are unbalanced. Having too much of one type of business chemistry on a team causes team dysfunction and cohesion issues. I work with leaders to build balanced teams reducing stress and friction.

My Together is Better® Workshop can help you:

  • Determine your own Business Chemistry type
    Spend 10 minutes completing an online assessment to get a detailed report about your working style.
  • Understand others
    Learn how to identify the four Business Chemistry types to help you develop a hunch about other people’s working styles through observation
  • Explore your team
    Discover your team’s compositon and unique characteristics
  • Adapt your style
    Explore ways to engage more effectively with individuals and your team
  • Put Chemistry to work
    Using active learning, participate in fun and memorable experiences during the workshop.

Learn More About the Types

Read the new science of team chemistry and learn about the personality types that make up a team.

Take BizChem 20 Questions for a spin.

Lead in VIrtual Times with Business Chemistry®

Click on above picture to download the Lead in Virtual Times Guide

By addressing different working styles through the lens of the Business Chemistry® framework, leaders can help their teams adapt to virtualizaiton and the unique stresses of working in a virtual world.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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