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Agile Exploration® Workshops

My Agile Exploration® Workshop helps leaders, change agents and teams explore the world of Agile using an active learning approach through discussions, problem solving, case studies, role plays and games. The Agile Exploration Workshop helps leaders, change agents and teams answer the question “Why Agile?”.

Agile Exploration® Workshop

The first step in your Agile Journey is to understand what it means to transform to an Agile Way of Working.

In the Agile Exploration® Workshop, leaders, change agents, and teams will explore different Agile Frameworks and build an Agile Transformation Roadmap that best suits the teams and the complexity of problems they are trying to solve. We will also explore why Agile is needed to help leaders and teams solve complex problems and discuss the culture needed to ensure the environment is a healthy environment where agile teams can innovate, learn and thrive. While leaders, change agents, and teams explore this new Agile World, they’ll get hands on experience through group discussions, group exercises and games.

I dynamically adapt the Agile Explorations® Workshop to your team’s circumstances and needs through the process of co-creation.

The Agile Exploration® Workshop can help you:

  • Determine Why Agile Makes Sense for Your Organization & Teams
  • Understand the Culture and Mindset Needed to Ensure Successful Transformation Outcomes
  • Learn about Working in an Agile Virtual/ Hybrid Environment
  • Learn the Foundational Agile Terminology, Roles and Forums/ Ceremonies
  • Explore Different Agile Frameworks: Scrum, Kanban, LeSS and SAFe®
  • Understand the Power of Value Streams and the 5 Transformational Levels Value Streams and Teams Goes Thru as They Transform
  • Understand the How to Measure Your Transformation,Value Streams, Leaders and Teams
  • Identify Value Streams/ Teams to Pilot the Agile Transformation
  • Begin to Build a Transformation Roadmap for your Leaders, Value Streams and Teams

By co-creating a shared transformation vision, leaders, change agents and teams begin to create a safe space and healthy culture bubble where teams can thrive and innovate.

Let’s explore this Agile World Together. Together is Better.

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