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Case Study

Multinational – World’s Largest Airline with LeSS®

Industry: AVIATION
Division: Contact Centers
Product: Compass Contact Center Application

Reach: Worldwide

Coaching Level: Program/ Team
Coaching Focus: Agile Mindset/ Ways of Working
Culture Shift: Project to Product Mindset
Impact: 7,000+ agents, $200M annual savings, 30% reduction in Call Handling Time

United Airlines, the World’s largest airlines services customers at contact centers world wide replaced their contact center software.

United Airlines sought to improve customer experience and reduce call time.

Worked with Business Teams to adopt a more incremental approach which provided rapid feedback.

30% Reduction in call handling time, improved user experience for 7,000+ agents. $200M Annual Savings


United Airlines sought to improve their call times and call center agent user experience. The existing call center software was reaching end of life.

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As an Scrum Master, I was able to:

  • Create a Culture of Collaboration: Worked with both business and technology leaders to carve out design sprints and PI Planning event to build out large product backlog. Managed collaboraton (TFS/ JIRA) tooling for large release train. Built cross-functional, T-shaped high performing teams to reduce dependencies. Worked with key technical leads to align dependencies and mitigate technical risks.
  • Instilled Agile Mindset and Values: Worked with scrum teams to instill agile mindset and values and best practices. Created Agile Playbook for release train. Trained on Epic and story writing. Created user personas, story maps, user journeys and rapid prototyping. Promoted test driven development and automated testing.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification was achieved.

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