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Case Study

Multinational – World’s Leading Location Platform Company Increases Transparency and Collaboration with SAFe®

Industry: Mapping Data
Division: HERE Corporate
Product: Business Agility

Reach: 300 Leaders/ 150 Coaches/ 9000 Employees

Coaching Level: Leadership/ Program
Coaching Focus: Lean-Agile Center of Excellence
Culture Shift: Project to Product Mindset
Impact: Business Agility Team

HERE continues to lead the way in the automotive industry, working with the vast majority of OEMs on location-based technology that’s at the foundation of today and tomorrow’s vehicle experiences. Their map data and services are found in 4 out of 5 vehicles sold with embedded navigation systems in North America and Western Europe. To date, more than 100 million vehicles have HERE maps on board.

With customers’ needs becoming more complex, HERE needed to streamline and focus on business agility to help teams quickly adapt to a quickly changing emerging market.

Co-created a Business Agility LACE and focused on improving business agility across organization.

Improved the speed and pace of product delivery and innovation.


With an ever changing market place and customer needs becoming more and more complex, HERE needed to streamline key areas across the organization.

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As part of a Business Agility coaching team, unlocked business agility across multiple organizations, focusing on Portfolio Management, Program Management, Product Management and large distributed release trains utilizing lean agile scaling strategies and frameworks. Developed multiple decentralized Lean Agile Center of Excellence and Community of Practices that support 300 leaders, 150 coaches and 5,000+ product owners & engineers.

Frameworks: Scaled Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Spotify, Lean Startup, Business Agility, VSEM
Tools: JIRA On Prem, JIRA Cloud, JQL, Confluence, Planner, Slack, SharePoint, One Note, Miro, Mural, Jamboard, Clarity PPM, Shibumi, TaskTop, Structure, eazyBI, ProductBoard, GitHub, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Cisco WebEx, Teamflow, SQL

  • Created a Culture of Collaboration: Worked with key senior leaders to collaborate and deliver on a COVID-19 Strategy by employing usage of Kanban and daily COVID-19 Leadership check-ins.
  • Jumpstart New Agile Release Trains and Teams: Drive agile cultural and behavioural change through supporting managers and executives to lead the change themselves. Helped release trains and teams get started with agile from Release Train Launch through team delivery. Established Coaching Contracts, Co-created Transformation Strategy/ Team Configurations/ Ways of Working, Release Train Initiation and Kickoff, Product Backlog Creation & Management, and Facilitated Team Alliances. Trained Coaches and Scrum Masters to perform team level ceremonies for both Scrum and Kanban teams.
  • Created a Culture of Continuous Learning: Gave monthly presentations on agile mindset and best practices to program managers and business planners as part of the Program Management CoE.
  • Created a Culture of Continuous Learning: Built out content on Agile Playbooks to help organizations/ teams understand agile concepts, align on how the teams work and learn.
  • Enabled Alignment at the Portfolio, Finance and Program Levels: Worked with leaders and change agents to define a common taxonomy for breaking down strategic objectives into smaller units. Defined a meeting cadence to support each level.
  • Created a Culture of Continuous Learning: Trained many leaders across organization on Product Management/ Backlog Management Concepts such a PI Planning, Design Thinking, Story Mapping, Job/User Story Writing, Kanban, Scrum and Agile Scaling.
  • Created a Culture of Continuous Learning: Created and lead a Value Stream Management Community of Practice to align the agile practitioners experimenting with Value Stream Mapping and Management practices across the organization.
  • Uplifted Women Within HERE Organization: Created a All Amazing Women Knowledge Exchange to help women uplift each other and learn leadership topics by women leadership authors in the industry. Women across multiple countries explored topics such as Dare To Lead, Radical Candor, How Women Rise.

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After a year coaching, the product and program management teams had matured in the following areas:

  • Product and Program Management shifted from R&D Mindset to Product Delivery Mindset
  • Product and Program Management matured greatly and were able to manage dependencies and risks
  • Teams had greater involvement in building out product roadmaps
  • Teams stablized and had clear priorities

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